In! Not On.

KaleidoCrete is NOT a concrete stamping process. It does not use polymer overlay materials. It uses thick reusable plastic templates to engrave a pattern or design into existing concrete. The process is cut "IN" the concrete not placed "ON" the concrete. KaleidoCrete can be used indoors or out, commercial or residential.

KaleidoCrete patterns and templates are precision manufactured from 0.5" or 0.2" thick dense plastic panels. They're water-proof - you can wash the templates off and reuse them many times. They're UV stable, repairable, impact resistant and will flex over most bumps in the concrete. KaleidoCrete templates have an excellent memory: after you've bent them over a bump, just lay them flat and they will return to their original shape.

KaleidoCrete Templates are reversible - use both sides to get more life out of your templates. They can be slammed, drug and dropped with no worries of harming the concrete. They will not delaminate or swell. The template you use today can be reused again ten years later and the pattern can be repeated exactly. KaleidoCrete templates are lightweight and quiet to work with - Your customers and their neighbors will never hear you drop one. If, and when, your template wears out, throw it in the collection bin... It's 100% recyclable.